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Training diary for successful and controlled training with the Isokinator of the Koelbel Training Research

Training diary for successful and controlled training with the Isokinator of the Koelbel Training Research

As a customer of Koelbel Training Research you already know: A good fitness equipment for muscle building must always make successful training and the training progress controllable. Without ability to control the resistance used is carried out a "blind" and thus ineffective training. Likewise, increases the resistance must not only be possible, but they should also be measurable and be the right time recognizable. That's why part of every successful training also getting a workout diary for controlled results.

In the short term you can remember such changes. It is better, however, the findings, measurements and data to record regularly. In training diary you note in passing your current training resistance, the exercise number and a personal school grade, how your day and the training went. In addition, there is space to make short notes for any diseases, disorders of the training and specific events. You will be reminiscent of days of training, rest days and on the measurement days. A training diary lasts for 12 successful weeks.

This free training diary is automatically included with any Isokinator (from july 2014). Now, if you need supplies, you can click above to get your next, also free copy of the diary in the cart. It is merely calculated the normal shipping rate.

Tip: It is certainly cheaper for you to combine the order of this free article with your regular order (i.e. protein). So at least there are no additional shipping costs.

PS. For the initial scope, we also recommend the special measuring tape. So you can easily do for yourself all the measurements and you are not dependent on the help of another person. Order here measuring tape and a training dairy together


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For each muscle building workout always also belongs a training diary for successful and controlled training.