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Measuring tape, training diary and success chart for controlled muscle building

Measuring tape, training diary and success chart for controlled muscle building


Measure your success!

It is very important to measure your training progress regularly. You notice some physical change not immediately in the mirror. Using a suitable measuring tape however you can already find 1-2 inches more muscle size quickly.

This set consists of a training diary with success table and a special circumference tape measure. It forms a loop, where the otherwise loose beginning of the tape is also attached to the housing. Put the tape around loosely for example, the strained upper arm and press with the other hand the winding knob. The tape measure it curls up and then lies down with always same tension to the muscle. So you can identify for yourself also difficult to be taken measurements without the assistance of another person. Simple but awesome!

Determine every 14 days your circumference measurements at 11 prominent measurement points and enter the results into the table. Now, when you add up the total centimeters and compare with the results of the last measurement, you will not only be amazed. It is also incredibly motivating!

In training diary you note in passing your current training resistance, the exercise number and a personal school grade, how your day and the training went. In addition, there is space to make short notes for any diseases, disorders of the training and specific events. You will be reminiscent of days of training, rest days and on the measurement days. A training diary lasts for 12 successful weeks. Need supplies for further recordings, you can order a new copy of the training diary for free: training diary for the Isokinator for free


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The circumference measuring tape, training diary and success chart for muscle building with optimal control