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Isokinator Manual And Instruction In English

Isokinator manual and instructions for men and women

Isokinator Training Manual (edition 3.3) for men and women (in English)

Just an all freshly completed (july 2014): The new, further improved, training instructions for the Isokinator. Valid for all models. With a total of 35 exercises at 24 pages (A4) with lots of hints, tips and tricks.

Shown and explained not only the 7 basic exercises for the man, but also 13 other alternative exercises to choose from. For the woman, there are 6 new and different exercises plus 4 alternative exercises to choose from.

As well you can find the new 5 special exercises with the Iso-hook loop (optional accessory).

This manual is included with each new Isokinator or any Iso-hook, but can also be ordered individually or additionally.

PS. In Isokinator movie (on DVD or at Youtube) all the exercises shown in this manual are explained in detail and in motion. This paper-manual and the movie together provide for a flawless and effective training, controlled muscle building!

Isokinator Training manual for men and women in English language


Isokinator, Training, instruction, manual, men and women


Isokinator Training Manual for men and women in English