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Isokinator Lady - mobile training machine for figure-tightening until bikini body

ISOKINATOR Lady - mobile training machine for figure tightening until bikini body


- Fitness machine in a compact format - mobile and always with you.
- Trains, strengthens and transforms all parts of the body
- 6 basic exercises for a complete full body workout
- Quick visible and measurable physical success
- Perfect, faultless workout by monitoring instruments
- It only takes 19 minutes 3 times per week
- With special instructions for figure training and endurance training at the same time!
- Complete with workout plan, training diary and detailed DVD
- 0.5 to 70 kilos resistance (continuously adjustable)
- Made from stainless steel, aluminum and carbon steel - partly gilded
- 20 years warranty: stable and maintenance-free

Precise body styling and figure tightening at any age

Discover the first training machine of humanity, which is like a watch or a mobile phone anywhere with you. This ingenious invention is an "Isokinator Lady". A compact and portable device. Now designed specifically for the targeted formation of the female figure. At the same time for fitness and fat burning. For health and immune system. For joint flexibility and stress reduction. The machine is 8 x 18 cm tall only 12 mm thin. You can even fit in a handbag. Or in your pocket. And it replaces 7 large fitness machines.

15 new freedoms

As of now, no long ways to the sports facilities and back anymore. Your training can discreetly take place at home. No fuel costs. No parking space. No inappropriate times. No monthly fees. No dressing rooms. No spectators and no wise guys. No hours of stay. No waiting on the busy device. Now just 19 minutes of training for 6 different exercises. And only every 2nd day. All this gives you 5 to 7 hours more free time during the week. And there is more money in your wallet left.

The 9 Advantages of a mobile device 

With the silent Isokinator Lady, you can workout anytime, anywhere. Not only at home. But also when traveling, on vacation, in a hotel, in the forest, on the beach, as a passenger in the car, in the Overseas Jumbo or during the break at work. The indestructible machine is an extremely sustainable product. It consists of stainless steel, carbon steel, gold and hard aluminum. Not a single piece of plastic. And with 20 years warranty. Yes, fitness has been changed!

Bikini body and figur-tightening with the Isokinator Lady

12 Bikini effects

What makes the new machine with new training to 12 points of the female body, is explained here: An Isokinator Lady smoothes and underpinned by firming and local strengthening the muscles loose tissue, or strengthens "hanging" skin and body folds, burns more fat and strengthens your health. The device gives proper new curves and contours: Trained chest muscles under the breast plump up the breasts size on. Trained abdominal muscles do not tolerate sluggish digestion anymore and tighten the abdomen inwards. Trained thigh modeling typical catwalk legs. Trained buttock muscles form the so-called "tight bum" better than cosmetic surgery. Trained upper arm rear avoids hanging skin parts, such as the dreaded "Chicken Wings". Explanations of these 12 benefits will follow in the individual chapters.

Why can such a compact machine do that?

A serious woman exercising in gym uses resistances from 0.5 to 35 kg. And depending on the body part sometimes even up to 70 kg. And it is this scale (0.5 to 70 kg) also offers an Isokinator Lady. Therefore, the very compact device also achieves the figure successes of large equipment. Finally, a computer once filled an entire room and today is only the size of a box of chocolates. Engineers call this "downsizing". It means large-scale technology to manageable formats "forging back" and to make even more powerful. Here are more examples of the device performance of an Isokinator Lady compared to huge studio equipment:

Two golden balls avoid training errors

Two 24-karat "golden balls" in the cockpit of the machine indicate during training if the force is released unintentionally. Or if you have set too much or too little resistance. A brief correction is then sufficient and optimized further training. There are no longer training errors! For absolute beginners and very advanced. Without batteries and for all ages. From 15 to over 80. You must not be a "sports ace" to have immediately a successful training (Wellness Magazine 09/2007: "The movement of Isokinators beats dumbbell and studio machine, the cockpit display allows controlled training").

The female strengthening of the bodily functions

The strengthening of bodily function simultaneously eliminates a weak and therefore aching lower and upper back, sloping shoulders, a flat breathing chest, weak bones and helps prevent joint degeneration. The whole female body is thereby formed sporty aesthetic. This contributes much more to health, as is well known: More powerful arm and leg muscles support e.g. with each movement (not only at the moment of training) the return flow of blood to the heart. The heart muscle is thereby relieved of his work and the blood vessels are provided with greater passage.

Why make training even happy

The training optimizes the health, designes the sporty and attractive body and makes even happy. Why even happy? Here is the answer of Sports Biology: "Through muscular strain leads to an increase in the so-called endorphins" (cf. Aawa / Ymada / Enomoto in Weineck, sports biology 10, 2010 117.). Endorphins are the so-called. "Happiness hormones" such as serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine. A total of 52 such a mood enhancer were already discovered that the body produces when strength training itself. But what optimizes the health and still makes happy, is in line with our creation (cf. Prof. Dr. Siegfried Israel. "Muscle activity and Incarnation" In 1995, 108).

"You look great"

If the woman's best girlfriend says, "You look great," so does that mean for a woman often more than a compliment from her boyfriend or her husband. Expect compliments, because the figure optimized by the gentle curve guide of a muscle that is wonderful convertible. And at the same time it also burns more fat (see extra entry). Every woman suddenly realizes that Mother Nature keeps to the right points of the body effective correction are available. This basically means already prepared everything (follow the nature's way - follow the way of nature).

If the desired body is reached one training only every 10 days is enough

Have you reached a figure that makes you happy to be a continuation training is enough (every 10 days once the six basic exercises). Then it goes with the success not uphill but also not downhill. The new body shapes are preserved however. But do you want after some time to achieve more, just take your "all-two-days training" again.  


Isokinator manual with instructions plus DVD plus dairy

Always included:

To each Isokinator you will get a detailed manual with pictures and instructions. And also the DVD with the Isokinator Film. Separate for men and women with different exercises. You will see clearly how to do your work-out. You will learn about the best exercises, the right speed, the optimum power setting, the correct breathing and also 20 hints for being more successful. Also included is the brand new training dairy to note your results and progress.

Any questions about equipment or training (whether before or after purchase)? Call us: ++49-511-735200 or send an email.






Isokinator App (for free):

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More information about this Isokinator type:

Isokinator - the mobile training device always with you in your handbag

Biking-Körper durch Isokinator-Training

Isokinator Lady im Training


How to form a "power block". In order to make 6 exercises. More does not bring more

Don't let tell anyone, you would have to train for hours a day. This is now completely outdated. Instead, set only the targeted but intense "training stimulus." In seven muscle groups. Only every other day. In a few minutes. Against resistance that you previously set on Isokinator.

And then it happens:

Access with a powerful grip. Pull the looped handles "under constant tension". Refers to a permanent pull. How to have formed a power block of hand-accessory-hand. With wonderfully strained muscles. Keep these power block and just do the exercises of the training map.

In 19 to 25 minutes, your training is done

The device has two loops for the hands and two for the feet. How to shape the female figure by using the muscles under the skin. But only where it is necessary: to arms, legs, chest, abdomen, back and buttocks. With constant resistances at each point of a movement distance (Isokinetic training). Please only 19 to 25 minutes. More does not bring more.


Warming up and stretching are out

No "warm up" anymore. Even the first exercise warms up for all of the following. Stretching also omitted because you make each exercise to the tough-resilient end points of your joints and tendons. Even cool-down may be excluded! You are never overheated after the workout. Over 20 tips on training manual!

Advice to doctors, orthopedists, coaches and physiotherapists:

The first agonist / device / antagonist - coupling! The machine always hangs freely responsive and effectively with controlled resistance between the two contrasting muscle contractions masses.


Only 5 examples from the training manual *

Your device accompanies every movement
An Isokinator needs no long pulling cables anymore. It is the compact machine itself, which accompanies close to the body all movements between hands or feet. The training manual will guide you. In addition to the power whatsoever endurance and coordination can be trained. Because of the completely free guided resistances better results than with traditional dumbbells are even possible. Everything is tighter and firmer. Here are just a few examples

Isokinator Training Übung F1A für Oberarm, Bizeps und Trizeps gleichzeitig This exercise makes the upper arm tightly
The design of the female upper arm muscles against so-called. "Chicken Wings". Chicken wings are bag-like weak tissue on the upper arm back with your arms extended laterally. So there will be hang nothing anymore ...
Isokinator Training Übung F2B für die Brustmuskeln Chest muscles shape the breast and décolleté
The construction of a supportive muscle for the female breast form. Also, a bony neckline loses the hard contours. Besides, this exercise also strengthens your heart.
Isokinator Training Übung F3A für die Bauchmuskeln und die Taille Tight abs and round butt
Don't search any longer for a sport that can offer that. One muscle group will always be missing. Only from running or cycling nothing happens.
Isokinator Training Übung F6A für die Beine, Oberschenkel und Waden

For legs, calves and buttocks at the same time
How to reach from the navel down the typical bikini shapes. Not only the thigh be tightened, but also the calves, hips and buttocks.

Isokinator Training Übung F5A für oberen Rücken, unteren Rücken, Po und Rückseite der Beine The entire back with only one exercise
Here, the upper back, the lower back, the buttocks and the back of the thighs are trained and strengthened at the same time. This is equal to 4 exercises in gyms by only one exercise with the Isokinator. Your spine is better supported and back problems are quickly forgotten.

* The latest manual (A4 size) and a DVD is included with each Isokinator

Two guarantees: one for the machine and one for your success

The device is stable as an anvil

20 years Warranty! Your Isokinator contains not a single piece of plastic. Only the very best materials: stainless steel, lighter special machined parts, carbon steel and hard aluminum from the aerospace industry (AIMg3). Some items are even gold-plated (24 karat). You'll never have another training device. Hand-made in Germany.

The Koelbel Success Guarantee:

30 days money back guarantee in case of non success, ie, we urge you to make real use of the device! See no success or measure any progress, please send us the Isokinator along with your revocation simply return.

We trust you and know that you'll be successful

Because we can be sure we will deliver even on invoice that you pay after 30 days. You have absolutely no risk: So if you are disappointed for any reason, please return the instrument along with your revocation within this time back.


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Precise styling and a figure-tightening at any age with the Isokinator Lady of the Koelbel Training Research