Isokinator - Clutch Bag made from real Nappa leather

ISOKINATOR - Clutch Bag - made from smooth and soft Nappa leather

A noble bag made ​​of soft, supple leather for the Isokinator. Made for each model plus accessories (such as the iso-hook loop). With good zipper and embossing. [more...]

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The Isokinator is absolutely NEW in 19 different ways!

1.) NEW! The ISOKINATOR is a serious full-scale exercise device with a compact design devised for isokinetic (not isometric) training. It measures a mere 80 x 180 x 12 millimeters but it creates infinitely adjustable resistances from 0.5 to 90 kg (Classic model) or 1 to 180 kg (Green Giant model). It is hand-made in Germany, has a 20-year warranty and is returnable within 30 days of receipt if it doesn’t prove effective. Universal, unconditional service is provided!

2.) NEW! The compact device can accompany you like a wristwatch or a mobile phone. It is the first pocket-portable fitness device ever. Now the temptation to do a short workout anywhere anytime is much greater.

3.) NEW! As of now you can exercise whenever and wherever you want to. At home, in a hotel room, on a break at work, in the open air, in front of the television (the device is absolutely noiseless) while taking a break from driving to banish fatigue, during overseas flights to ward off thrombosis, etc. [more...]

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Iso-Hook - the extra-loop for new and additional exercises with the Isokinator

Iso-Hook - the extra-loop for new and additional exercises with the Isokinator

Snap hook with a long pull loop in climber-quality for 5 more new and advanced exercises. The Iso-hook loop extends the standard pull loops of Isokinators. As a result, there are many new ways of training. Officially tested and authorized by Koelbel Training Research are at first 5 special exercises. [more...]

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Isokinator DVD - The Film, manual, instruction and documentation

Isokinator DVD - The film, instruction, manual and documentation

A film which will excite, inspire and inform you! This DVD is for free since today with every newly ordered Isokinator. However, it can still be ordered individually or additionally here. [more...]

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Isokinator Training - Health By Muscles - The Movie

Isokinator Training - Health By Muscles - The Movie

A detailed training manual plus instructions on Youtube about the Isokinator of the Koelbel Training Research. Effective total body workout and faster muscle gain with only one device at home and on the go: chest muscle workout, biceps workout, triceps, abdominal muscle training, leg workout, back workout, shoulder workout, arm workout. For men and women - no matter what age! [more...]

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Isokinator Classic - the mobile and effectiv fitness device

Isokinator Classic - made for more and bigger muscles

Solid basis-model with cockpit in gold / silver and adjustable levels of resistance from 0,5 to 90 kg (= 1 to 198 lbs). Quick training results at the seven head-muscle groups and up to 400 helping- and apart-muscles. There is no other exerciser with a greater result-level for muscles, health and body styling. Built-in coaches-care, control of the power-intensity via two golden bullets (too much, too less or the absolute correct resistance?). 20 years warranty. Deluxe quality hand made in Germany. [more...]

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Isokinator Green Giant for professionals with 180 kilo (398 lbs) resistance

Isokinator Green Giant

Machine in breath taking reptile-gold-green for workouts between 1 and 180 kg (2.2 to 396.8 lbs). Adjustable via two separate resistance-sliders. Nevertheless, even a beginner can start with this machine. The technique tempts time and again to adjust higher resistance. Satisfied athletes call this machine (not without reason) "The Beast". Just feel the readiness of the 24 mm construction height and the mighty power-coils, to transfer sheer unbelievable power in your muscles! Surprising successful also for high developed athletes. 20 years warranty. High Quality Hand Made In Germany. [more...]

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