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The Koelbel Training Research knows how to train at home and how to come in a good shape quickly. We show in this blog that resistance training and fitness can be easy and explain simple words the latest findings of modern sports science.

But why muscle building for men and women at any age? It's not about body building under the old understanding, but also to the health aspect of it. Everyone knows that you have to do something for your body, so that the physical decay is stopped. And it's not that hard: after only 3 months you can bring a neglected body back in top form and almost in passing targeted form an athletic body. We show here that this does not have to change your entire life, but should observe a few simple rules for fitness training and nutrition.

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The Isokinator Homepage - more muscles everywhere!

Here you will find all information about the Isokinator and the isokinetic training principle. The Isokinator (and accessories) you will not find in retail stores. In no local shop and conscious at no other dealer. The Isokinator is handmade "Made in Germany" and therefore it can only be ordered directly from the manufacturer here. You will find our products exclusively here in this internet shop, at or at (& However all deliveries are always shipped directly from the Koelbel Training Research warehouse from the same stock and at the same price - worldwide.

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The Isokinator: The new way to get an athlectic body

The first training-machine of mankind that fits in your trouser pocket. It's made from stainless steel and very compact so you do your work-out wherever you want. At home or while travelling. At the beach or hotel. Even under the running shower as a super-wellness. Stepless adjustable from 0.5 to 90 kilo. Or from 1 to 180 kilos.

Isokinator by Koelbel Training Research

Seven muscle groups form the attractive athlete: Weekly new athletic shaping at the arms, legs, chest, shoulders, back and buttocks. For waist circumference produces the Isokinator minus centimetres. Simultaneous training of muscle and against-muscle saves time. Training only on every second day and only about 20-25 minutes. Plus new breathing technique. HAND-MADE IN GERMANY. 20 year warranty. [more...]

Everything becomes simple and successful!

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Success stories wanted: Share your Isokinator-training experience with others

Success stories wanted: Share your Isokinator-training experience with others

A training with the Isokinator quickly shows good results: Just after 3 months many things are different: More muscle everywhere, less fat, a significantly improved state of health and indescribably good feeling. Time and again, our customers in this way on the phone or in emails. Who has just begun with the Isokinator training can't believe what just happened all with his own body even hardly. Everyone has to tell a different story. And exactly such experiences we are looking for. [more...]

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Isokinator soft bag, pouch made ​​of microfibre for care and transport

Isokinator soft bag, pouch made ​​of microfibre for care and transport

The Isokinator Soft Bag is a special microfibre pouch that not only protects during transport. It can be used at the same time for care and cleaning. The roughened surface can fingerprints, dust or grease marks disappear quickly. By the cord with safety clip your Isokinator remains sure in the bag, without that other objects can damage its beautiful surface. [more...]

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Isokinator - Clutch Bag made from real Nappa leather

ISOKINATOR - Clutch Bag - made from smooth and soft Nappa leather

A noble bag made ​​of soft, supple leather for the Isokinator. Made for each model plus accessories (such as the iso-hook loop). With good zipper and embossing. [more...]

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The Isokinator is absolutely NEW in 19 different ways!

1.) NEW! The ISOKINATOR is a serious full-scale exercise device with a compact design devised for isokinetic (not isometric) training. It measures a mere 80 x 180 x 12 millimeters but it creates infinitely adjustable resistances from 0.5 to 90 kg (Classic model) or 1 to 180 kg (Green Giant model). It is hand-made in Germany, has a 20-year warranty and is returnable within 30 days of receipt if it doesn’t prove effective. Universal, unconditional service is provided!

2.) NEW! The compact device can accompany you like a wristwatch or a mobile phone. It is the first pocket-portable fitness device ever. Now the temptation to do a short workout anywhere anytime is much greater.

3.) NEW! As of now you can exercise whenever and wherever you want to. At home, in a hotel room, on a break at work, in the open air, in front of the television (the device is absolutely noiseless) while taking a break from driving to banish fatigue, during overseas flights to ward off thrombosis, etc. [more...]

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Iso-Hook - the extra-loop for new and additional exercises with the Isokinator

Iso-Hook - the extra-loop for new and additional exercises with the Isokinator

Snap hook with a long pull loop in climber-quality for 5 more new and advanced exercises. The Iso-hook loop extends the standard pull loops of Isokinators. As a result, there are many new ways of training. Officially tested and authorized by Koelbel Training Research are at first 5 special exercises. [more...]

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Isokinator Training Manual for men and women in English

Isokinator Training Manual in English

The band new manual for the Isokinator (edition 3.0) in English. Useable for all types. With detailed instructions and tips for men and women. [more...]

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